The Net is becoming the next consumer medium, and I want to continue to be a part of getting it there.

And why should you believe me? For starters, I am completing a computer science degree (focusing on human-computer interaction) with a minor in management and marketing at the University of Minnesota.

During the past three years I have been involved with almost every aspect of Internet/Intranet development in a commercial setting. From programming CGIs, to designing style guides, to electronic commerce and supply-chain management.

This puts me in a good position to combine technology with business sense, and bridge the gap between strategy and implementation.

If you see potential in this approach, please look over some projects I have done and my technical skills.

Project List
Toro external and internal sites, Search America web enabled database searches, University of Minnesota web based registration system ...

Technical Skills
Languages, software packages, hardware platforms, methodologies

Care for a resume?
Request one in your favorite format!

Feel free to contact me at

Quick Facts
Three years of extensive web development experience

Eight major site launches including on-line advertising and commerce

Computer Science degree with management and marketing minor

Strong business sense and account mangement experience

Extensive knowledge of Internet technologies and trends

Global perspective, bilingual

Innovative and unorthodox approach to problems

Wears shoes and doesn't have a pet reptile