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    Croatian schools have a way of killing anyone's love for reading with book reports on War and Peace sized books due every week. It took me a while to recover, but now I usually rotate three or four books at the same time. When one gets to a slower part I move on to the next.

    Currently in the queue: Adcult USA by James Twitchell, Executive in Action by Peter Drucker, The Fall of Berlin by Anthony Read.

    Without further delay, here are some books that are worth reading more than once.

    Anything by David Ogilvy

    Anything by Edward Tufte

    Anything by Richard Wurman

    Almost anything by Marshall McLuhan

    The Design of Everyday Things by Donald Norman

    1984 by George Orwell

    Writing that Works by Roman and Raphaelson

    Being Direct by Lester Wunderman

    Being Digital by Nicholas Negroponte

    Where the Suckers Moon by Randall Rothenberg

    Microserfs by Douglas Coupland

    On the other hand, I have wasted too many hours with overhyped books expecting to get something out of them. The latest ones that come to mind are Clement Mok's Designing Business and The New MaxiMarketing by Rapp and Collins. Damn them.