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Kouros Vital Stats

    ZagrebWell now that you know my vital stats, let me tell you a bit about my background. I spent most of my life in my hometown - Zagreb, Croatia. It's a central-european city of about a million, with lots of cool clubs and bars, and no drinking age. This obviously makes it a great place to grow up.

    As a kid I did the usual sort of stuff: organized escapes from kindergarten, vandalized school property, and had a band with a cool name (Elvis in Chains) but no airplay.

    U of MIn 1994, at a tender age of 17, I finished high school, and set off to college in the United States. I ended up at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Yes, it really is as cold as they say.

    The natives here seem to pride themselves in two of their inventions, neither of which I'm particularly fond of:

    Mall of America1. The largest shopping mall in America
    You can get married in the romantic setting of the Chapel of Love, which is located one floor below Hooters. Scary.

    Zubaz athletic pants2. Zubaz athletic pants
    For stylish bodybuilders everywhere. I decided against showing the Zubaz briefs. Be thankful.