it was ROBOT in the 50's...
ROCKET in the 60's,
COMPUTOR in the 70's,
INTERNET in 80's...

in 90's it is CYBERSEX;
the mouthfull of the decade.

saying "cybersex" is like saying "time"... everyone knows what you mean and yet nobody actually knows what it is. on hearing it in a conversation, everyone just blinks and nods understandingly, yet the message recieved is (most probably) very different than the the one that was meant to be sent.
is viewing live porno acts thru your browser a form of cybersex? ...or exchanging small dirty nothings with a boy/girl in a chat? ...or just browsing naked girls' pictures... is it nearing to anything close to cybersex?  
  on the other hand, everyone (at least everyone who might read this on-line) has seen at least a picture somewhere of naked models or mannequins covered with all kinds of sensors, stimulators, attachments and wires - but is that for real ? and if so, who the hell actually uses the stuff?

well, friends, we have gathered here to bear witnesses that:

1. indeed such gear exists;

2. is in use widely and it's use is rapidly expanding throughout the on-line world;

3. all of it is now available in our stores all over USA, Croatia and SE Asia! and at special low prices that expire this Xmass - just dial 9913-315-412-262-74-217-CSEX - NOW!

what could ever possibly make you more hot and horny than the steady hum of your computor's ventilator in the quiet of the night... random buzzes of it's hard-drive... occasional noises of the floppy drive trying to read something but finding no disk... knowing that somebody, somewhere, out there on some far-away continent has ALSO just taken his/her clothes off and is now attaching nipple-stimulators and fixing them with (new, improved, non-radioactive!) hypermagnetic tape? and even watching her/him do so, in a (now all-improved, bug-fixed) video-conferencing client (with new incredible 360x200 pixels resolution and up to 256 colors - dithered!)...
  oh, no physical contact, you say?!? well, lemme show ya some of items on our stock and then  we'll talk about physical contact, ok? try some of them and you'll start to wonder if you have ever been physically contacted before!  at least so closely ...