A Day On A Cultivated Channel (15 minutes in the #cultivated channel)
#cultivated buffer saved on Thu Aug 27 13:32:00 1998 #cultivated topic: Der wirklich kultivierte # im irc #cultivated topic set by calimero on Tue Aug 25 18:22:15 - #cultivated Ox Lu @calimero #cultivated End of /NAMES list. *** Now talking in #cultivated <Ox> hello <Ox> hello <Ox> hello cultivated people :) <Ox> i am cultivated too <Ox> i say "hello" when i enter a channel <Ox> hello <Ox> there, i said it again <Ox> although nobody answers me, i will be cultivated and i'll sit on that sofa over there and read some newspapers <Ox> and wait politely and patiently <Ox> oh don't bother Lu, don't bother @calimero, i have all patience i need <Ox> you see, i'm VERY cultivated... <Ox> so it presents no problem to me <Ox> wow, i see you are very cultivated bots too... those among you who might be bots... <Ox> in any other channel i'd be kicked by now for flooding... <Ox> but you? nooo! you're too polite to do it <Ox> i appreciate that <Ox> :) *** sabs (sabs@6321826a.pvda.nl) has joined #cultivated <Ox> oh! <Ox> sabs! <sabs> hello ppl :) <Ox> küss die hand :* <Ox> welcome sabs :)) <sabs> Hi Ox :) <sabs> thank you Ox :) <Ox> hel people, this is sabs <Lu> hi <Ox> hel=hey <Ox> hi Lu! <Lu> hi ox <sabs> hello Lu <Lu> hi sabs <Ox> hello sabs <Ox> hello Lu <Ox> beautiful weather today, isn't it? <sabs> ach, we are so cultivated and polite here, huh? :) <Ox> i don't know 'bout you young lady but i am <sabs> but i should be realy going, please excuse me <Ox> please do visit us again, sabs! <sabs> buy, buy <Lu> cu <sabs> Ox: i will yhank you <sabs> :) <Ox> i hope we chat again sometimes *** sabs (sabs@6321826a.pvda.nl) has left #cultivated (sabs) <Ox> eh... terribly sorry we can't continue this frightfully interresting conversation... i should be hurrying too, i'm afraid... <Ox> see ya all again sometimes! bye :) <Lu> cu 2 End of #cultivated buffer Thu Aug 27 13:37:00 1998